Tomb Raider Slot Symbols

tombraider-screenshot4.jpgSymbols play a significant part in the game play of almost all slot machines. In general, all slot machines will feature both Wild and Scatter symbols, which help players, move further along the leader board, picking up some extremely impressive prizes along the way.

The Wild Symbol in the Tomb Raider slot is the Tomb Raider symbol itself. Like wild symbols on other slot machines, this helps players get bonuses that they would not be able to achieve otherwise. This symbol will actually take the place of nearly every other symbol and finish off the winning combinations for a player.

This means that if the player has a couple of the same symbol and needs one more to get a winner, the wild symbol will take the place of the symbol they need. In turn, the slot will produce a win and the player will be awarded their prize.

One thing to take into account is that the wild symbol will not take the place of every symbol in the game. In fact, the symbol it will not take the place of is the Lara Croft scatter symbol, which is one of the other important symbols in the Tomb Raider Slot.

Along side this, the wild will not enable a free spin round to commence. In addition, this symbol will also not take the place of the Idol symbol, as this would simply make the game too easy. This means that it can not be used to activate the Tomb Bonus Feature Game at any time.

For players, obtaining one or more wild symbols on a line will begin to create winning combinations. Of course, like other slot machines, only one of these winning combinations will be paid out for each line that is paid.

The other significant symbol in the Tomb Raider Slot is the scatter symbol, which is in the form of Lara Croft. The great thing about this symbol is it simply needs to appear, not necessarily on an active pay line. What this does is actually increases the frequency that a player is able to win, making accumulated winnings a lot more than they would be other wise.

Unlike many of the other symbols that are featured in the game, this will need to appear on ANY of the five reels. All that needs to happen here is two or more of the symbols need to appear and the player will start their winning streak – and who knows how long it could last!?

This is probably what most players want to here; this symbol can activate the free spin round. Obtaining three or more of the scatter symbols will enable this to happen. Another good thing about using this symbol is that it will pay both regular and scatter wins to players without any problems, so they can get multiple wins on each line that it occurs.