Tomb Raider Slot Review

tombraider-screenshot2.jpgThe Tomb Raider Slot is an impressive slot machine that has recently took online casinos by force. Like many of the new slots that have reached online casinos, it incorporates some unique features that create a demand for players to constantly come back for more.

It features a standard 5 reel setup, and 15 pay lines, giving players plenty of opportunity to win. Thanks to the incorporation of video, the slot machine uses excellent graphics and audio, which adds to the quality of the game play.

There are many different ways to win, but the best way is obviously to wager more for each spin. For each coin that a player bets, another pay line will become active instantly. The computer quickly calculates winnings once the reel has stopped, allowing players to carry on quickly, accumulating their winnings.

Free money and real money options are available. This allows players to quickly become accustomed to the game play, without risking any of their own cash. Once they feel comfortable with the game play, they can play anything from 0.05 right through to 0.50 per line. Along side this; the developers have included a feature to allow up to 5 coins per pay line to be staked.

Much like the movie, the video slot machine is action packed offering a happy medium of excitement and tension. Thanks to the bonuses, symbols and special features, players can enjoy a huge variation of ways to win, with some winning sprees lasting for minutes.

Whilst the winnings for a player can be potentially high, there is a cap on how much a player can win. The developers have worked hard to ensure that the slot pays out at great rates, with the maximum win for an individual player being 7,500 coins – which is obviously more than adequate.

A lot of the online slot machines these days use a similar pay structure. Like the majority of other machines, the Tomb Raider Slot pays the reels from left to right. The only irregularity is the Lara Croft Symbol, which pays players in any reel or order – giving them a much better chance of winning.