How to Play Tomb Raider Slot

tombraider-screenshot3.jpgA lot of people find playing slots online extremely frustrating, mainly due to the fact that they are complicated gaming solutions to grasp. Microgaming work hard to ensure that all their slot machines can be easily operated by even the most in-experienced online casino player.

Whilst their target audience is regular players of slot machines, recently, they have attracted a lot more interest. The simplistic approach that the company takes when developing games allows the likes of roulette and poker players to get involved in games during breaks, or whenever they want to gamble some of their winnings – some times accumulating even more!

An important thing to remember when using the Tomb Raider Slot machine is that there are two ways to play. Players can choose between a free and real money scenario. A common suggestion would be to try out the free play version first.

By starting on the free play version, players can achieve two things. To start with, they can decide whether this is the game they want to play, taking into account the potential bonuses and the pay out structure. Secondly, they can grasp the simulated game play without investing any of their own cash. Usually it only takes a few minutes for even an in-experienced player to grasp the overall concept of the game.

Players using the Tomb Raider Slot can enjoy betting anything from 1 right through to 15 lines. Of course, betting more lines will drastically increase their chances of winning. With this in mind, Microgaming has chosen to allocate a 96% pay out ratio for this particular slot machine, which is considered more than adequate in comparison to a lot of other slot machines.

Here is the unfortunate thing; not all winnings will be paid. The reality for a lot of players is that they will experience multiple wins on a singular line. The developer has chosen to only pay out the highest combination on any one line, which still usually amounts to a significant amount.

Whilst this seems like it may hinder the overall winnings a players receives, there are plenty of other ways to win, including the bonus and special feature rounds. Also, the Lara Croft symbol will not need to be visual on a pay line that is active for a player to win.

One important thing Microgaming has taken into account is malfunctions. A lot of companies will develop their slots without taking this into mind, so the player will lose out – this is not the case with the Tomb Raider Slot machine.