Tomb Raider Slot Bonus Features

tombraider-bonusround1.jpgThe most anticipated part of any slot machine game play is reaching the bonus round. The majority of slot players like to see something along the lines of a free spin bonus round, and that is exactly what Microgaming has incorporated into the game play for the Tomb Raider Slot machine.

Obtaining in excess of three Lara Croft scatter symbols will begin the fun for the player. After this has happened they will be eligible for 10 free spins, which will start instantly. The best bit about this part of the game is that winnings here will be tripled, so players have the chance to win substantial amounts during this bonus round.

Some players are lucky in the fact that they increased their wager right before the free spin round occurs. The wager that activated the free spin bonus round is the same wager that will occur for each of the 10 free spins.

The fun does not have to stop after 10 free spins! Gaining three or more of the scatter symbols, in the same way that activated the free spins, will give the player even more freebies. Again, this will provide the player with a duplicate of the bonus round, giving them 10 more free spins. This cycle can be repeated multiple times, accumulating some huge wins for the lucky player!

Once all the accumulated free spins have been used, the player will be awarded their winnings. The winnings will be added to the current bank roll, and the player will return to the normal game play again.

A great feature in the Tomb Raider Slot is the Tomb Raider Bonus Feature that Microgaming has including. To get this bonus, players will need to be lucky enough to obtain in excess of three of the Idol symbols. Along side this, the ruling is that they symbols need to land simultaneously on the reels for the bonus feature to be activated.

tombraider-bonusround2.jpgThis is a chance for players to make the most of their experience in the game. They will be presented with a choice, where twelve of the idols will be displayed. Revealing an idol will subsequently lead to a random prize being awarded. After picking the idol, the player will be awarded the amount stated, multiplied by the wager on an individual line to come to the overall winnings figure.

Whilst there are plenty of figures to take into account here, the only one that will be displayed to players is the actual bonus prize amount – everything else is hidden.